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Open Challenge 2021

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At the time of organising the Europe Netball 2021 Open Challenge Netball Event all participating countries were informed there would be no spectators from overseas due to the need to minimise risk from Covid-19 for all involved. Seven squads, support staff and Europe Netball personnel were to be travelling from a range of “Amber, Red and Green countries” and the main focus was to ensure that the International Event could take place and able to compete safely.

As we move towards the event we are aware that the Covid situation is continually changing and the host country, Gibraltar have assured us they are able to manage the spectators to ensure they are meeting the expectations required to maintain a safe environment within the event.

We are therefore now able to permit spectators to come from all participating countries as long as they meet all requirements laid out by the Gibraltar Civil Contingency.

All ticket holders will be requested at the entrance of the Tercentenary Venue to present together with their tickets:

  1. A valid vaccination card or certificate or 2. A negative Lateral Covid test result from within the previous 24 hours.

To purchase tickets for this exciting International Netball Event in Gibraltar that will be livestreamed between 7th-10th October 2021, go to: https://tickets.ticketzone.gi/events/7895

Maggie Jackson, Europe Netball Technical Director

24th September 2021

2025 Netball World Youth Cup

Europe Netball is absolutely delighted that the 2025 Netball World Youth Cup is coming to Gibraltar. The entire European region will be throwing its support behind the tournament for what will be the third international netball tournament in Europe in recent years. Gibraltar Netball has hosted a number of international national tournaments with Europe Netball but this event takes the country to another level and is perfect to showcase both the sport and Gibraltar.

First Coach Developer Session

Netball Europe held its first Coach Developer Session on Sunday 14 May 2021 in preparation for the delivery of the Pilot Entry Level Coach Education Course. The  4 pilot countries participating are : Ireland Gibraltar Malta and the Isle of Man.

This first level coaching course has been developed by NE’s coaching working group: Linda Dyer, Joan Young, Kendra Slawinski, Maggie Jackson and Liz Broomhead.

Sunday’s session was delivered by Kendra Slawinski.

Officiating cooperation between the regions

Check out this article from the Jamaica Observer.

Cancelled Events

Netball Europe Under 17 Competitions 2021

Sadly due to the constant changing circumstances relating to return to play, travel and quarantine both Under 17 events in 2021 have been cancelled. This has not been an easy decision to make as we realise what an important competition this is for this age group both in their playing development and in representing their countries.

Following the same setup as the Netball Europe Open in November, several online workshops for players, managers and coaches were held on the 27th and 28th February 2021.