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Our 2019 events

Isle of Man won gold at this year’s Open Challenge

The Isle of Man hosted the 2019 Open Challenge event over the weekend of 9-12 May and won the gold medal for the European section. Gibraltar won second place with Ireland in third, Emirates in fourth and Israel in fifth.

Netball Europe was pleased to welcome visitors Cayman Islands and the UK Armed Forces Netball Association who competed for the first time at this prestigious event and was the overall winner.

Many thanks to the Manx Netball Association for all their hard work in running such a well-organised event at the very impressive National Sports Centre in Douglas.

All 21 matches were LIVESTREAMED! If you missed any of them you can still tune in to NE YouTube.

Results from Day 1 – 9 May

UK AFNA vs Gibraltar 31-34

Cayman Islands vs Republic of Ireland 31-41

Israel vs Emirates 23-62

Gibraltar vs Cayman Islands 54-38

Republic of Ireland vs UK AFNA 30-36

Isle of Man vs Israel 90-28

Here’s an action shot from the Gibraltar vs Cayman Islands match:

Results from Day 2 – 10 May

Israel vs Ireland 24-64

Emirates vs Cayman Islands 34-52

Isle of Man vs UK AFNA 33-40

Gibraltar vs Israel  78-24

Emirates vs Republic of Ireland 23-42

Isle of Man vs Cayman Islands 56-44

Results from Day 3 – 11 May

UK AFNA vs Cayman Islands 61-27

Isle of Man vs Emirates 56-43

Ireland vs Gibraltar 36-44

Emirates vs UK AFNA 26-38

Gibraltar vs Isle of Man 46-49

Results from Day 4 – 12 May

Cayman Islands vs Israel 73-43

Emirates vs Gibraltar 54-33

Isle of Man vs Ireland 57-45

Israel vs UK AFNA 28-59

Congrats to Switzerland for taking gold in U17 Challenge!

Switzerland won all four of their matches against the host country Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Malta, Switzerland, and the Republic of Ireland. The Swiss team will move up to the Championship competition next year. Gibraltar won the silver medal, the Isle of Man came in third with the Republic of Ireland in fourth place and Malta fifth.

Player of the Championships was awarded to Isle of Man’s Olivia Jackilin-Chatha.


The event took place over the weekend of 8-10 March. All the matches were livestreamed and can still be watched on the Netball Europe YouTube channel.

Click here to view the full results.

U17 Championships

Congrats to England Netball on their convincing gold medal win! Wales took silver and Scotland bronze with Emirates in fourth place and Northern Ireland, who came in fifth, will be relegated to the Challenge section next year.

Player of the Championships was awarded to England’s Olufunmilayo Fadoju.

The event was held over the weekend of 1-3 March at the University of Huddersfield and was livestreamed so you can still watch all the matches on NE YouTube!

Click here to view the full results.