Service Award Holders

The Netball Europe Service Award is presented on an annual basis to any person who has:

  • worked at NE Board level for a significant period of time
  • given a number of years of service to support development of netball in the European region
  • contributed exceptional work on behalf of the Netball Europe either on an individual project or across a specific area of netball such as coaching, umpiring, volunteering or administration.

To date, the following people have been presented with the Netball Europe Service Award:

Up to 2009 Jean Bourne (Deceased) England
Liz Broomhead England
Margaret Bish England
Lyn Carpenter England
Cheryl Danson England
Cheryl Dewhirst England
Lily McGurk (Deceased) England
Joan Mills England
Leslie Pilbin England
Sheelagh Redpath England
Mary Thomas (Deceased) England
Janet Wrighton England
Moira Gomez Gibraltar
Jodi Carreira Israel
Vivienne Gatt (Deceased) Malta
Val Gregory Malta
Ann Curran N. Ireland
Elaine Curran N. Ireland
Liz Allen Republic of Ireland
Maggie Clark Scotland
Irene O’Brian Scotland
Moira Ord Scotland
Pat Ellis Wales
Sue Holvey Wales
Pam Lane Wales
Wendy White (Deceased) Wales
 2010 Mary French (Deceased) England
 2011 Cathryn Rich Switzerland
 2013 Carol Spencer England
 2013 Alan Anderson England
 2014 Judy Aknin Israel
 2016 Virginia Bailey England
 2018 Maggie Jackson England
 2018 Elaine Douris England
 2019 Joan Young England