Netball Europe’s development strategy is twofold:

  • Allocation of the Net Effect Grant. Net Effect is the INF’s global small grants scheme that has recently been devolved to the Regional Federations. Members and Associate members are encouraged to apply for a grant to fund projects in their countries based on INF’s strategic pillars:
    • Coaching
    • Umpiring
    • Governance, Club Development or Administration
    • Event management
    • Empowering women initiatives

The working group comprises: Maggie Jackson, Cheryl Danson and Lyn Carpenter who are responsible for assessing and approving the projects as well as offering advice as to their implementation.

  • New member recruitment. The working group comprises: Moira Gomez and Lorraine Lindsay. Their tasks include:
    • Define the process for becoming a Full or Associate member of Netball Europe
    • Lead the assessment, support and development of potential associate members
    • Maintain a register of contacts made by interested countries
    • Encourage and support Associate members to become Full members of NE and INF
    • Assistance with the development of a constitution and development plan
    • Work in collaboration with the Netball Europe Technical Group to provide appropriate advice and training for players, umpires, coaches and administrators
    • Work with other NE committees and groups to encourage Associate members to participate in NE events

The benefits of being an Associate member of Netball Europe include:

  • Access to qualified administrators, coaches and umpires to assist with training and development
  • An allocated Netball Europe person to assist with becoming a full member of Netball Europe and the INF
  • Eligibility to attend NE AGM and Council (without voting rights) and to receive minutes of meetings
  • Access to relevant information relating to Netball Europe’s operation
  • Advice and technical assistance
  • On becoming accepted as an Associate member, countries will receive:
    • Advice on criteria for becoming a full member
    • Name of a Netball Europe Development contact who will be the central point of contact

To become a Full NE member, organisations are required to produce:

  • Constitution or Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • The most recent Audited Financial Statement
  • Evidence that the organisation is recognised as the sole controlling body of the game of Netball in its own country
  • An affiliation fee in the amount laid down in the Regulations
  • A Business Plan including:
    • Vision, Values, Goals, Strategic direction
    • Outline of structure, illustrating roles, responsibilities and accountabilities
    • A list of names, addresses, telephone, fax numbers and e-mail addresses of the principal office holders of the applicant and where appropriate its most senior employee
    • Development History, i.e. how the association started, who was involved, current and projected playing numbers
    • Website details
    • Links with other organisations, such as government and sporting bodies

From 1 January 2019, countries can be Associate members of INF for no more than 5 years within which time an application must be made for Full membership.