Events Calendar

NE actively promotes and encourages netball to further its growth and development in the region. In keeping with this aim, the Annual NE Championships (U17, U19, U21 and Open) take place in venues across Europe on a rotational basis. In order to provide more varied competition, countries from other regions have recently been invited to participate too.

All events include two sections: Championship  (members ranked 1-16 inclusive) and Challenge (members ranked 17 and below). While the games of the U21 event are not ranked, many of the players do participate in their Senior National squads.

Open Challenge Schedule – May 2022

U17 Challenge Schedule – November 2022 

Note that since 1 January 2018 there are no age restrictions for the Open Competitions. Member countries are requested when selecting players to continue to consider their physical and mental welfare and ensure they have the experience to compete against a wide age range of players.