Officiating Updates

9 March 2022


NE Officiating Awards Extension

28 May 2020 For an update on the NE Officiating Awards, click here.

NE Umpiring C Award

Netball Europe is proud to announce the introduction of online testing for the written element of the C award.

Four of our member countries are taking part in Phase One that commenced on 1 September 2019: Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Emirates. For full details of the system, click here.

NE Officiating is responsible for:

  • Managing the NE Umpiring Awards Scheme.
  • Implementing relevant policies, procedures and processes, including:
    • Safeguarding (accredited umpires aged under 18 years)
    • Transfer of Umpire Accreditation (within Europe and between INF Regions)
    • NE Umpire Tutor Award
    • NE ITP QA process (for NE events)
    • Umpiring Awards Fee Scheme (in conjunction with the NE Finance Director)
  • Cheryl Danson is the current NE Director of Officiating.
  • Alan Anderson, previously the NE Director of  Officiating, is currently the INF Regional Officiating Coordinator (ROC) for the Europe region.

The following officiating roles took effect in September 2019:

 NE deployment manager – Heather Gleadall
 NE B/A written manager – Gary Burgess
 NE awards pathway manager – Elaine Douris
NE Officiating portfolio managers:
 Yvonne Adshead
 Gary Holden
 Jane Kelloe
 Bernadette Palmer
 Anne-Marie Riddle
 Bernie Young