NE Officiating is responsible for:

  • Managing the NE Umpiring Awards Scheme – this is undertaken by the Awards Working Group (AWG) (Chair: Elaine Douris). Please refer to the Assessors Booklet, August 2016 edition for full details.
  • Implementing relevant policies, procedures and processes, including:
    • Safeguarding (accredited umpires aged under 18 years)
    • Transfer of Umpire Accreditation (within Europe and between INF Regions)
    • NE Umpire Tutor Award
    • NE ITP QA process (for NE events)
    • Umpiring Awards Fee Scheme (in conjunction with the NE Finance Director)
  • The above, together with monitoring and managing umpire development (B Award level and above), is undertaken by the Officiating Working Group (OWG)
  • Chair of the OWG is the NE Director of Officiating
  • Alan Anderson is currently  the INF Regional Officiating Coordinator (ROC) for the Europe region