NE Umpiring C Award

Netball Europe is proud to announce the introduction of online testing for the written element of the C award.

Four of our member countries are taking part in Phase One that commenced on 1 September: Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Emirates. For full details of the system, click here.

NE Officiating is responsible for:

  • Managing the NE Umpiring Awards Scheme.
  • Implementing relevant policies, procedures and processes, including:
    • Safeguarding (accredited umpires aged under 18 years)
    • Transfer of Umpire Accreditation (within Europe and between INF Regions)
    • NE Umpire Tutor Award
    • NE ITP QA process (for NE events)
    • Umpiring Awards Fee Scheme (in conjunction with the NE Finance Director)
  • Cheryl Danson is the current NE Director of Officiating
  • Alan Anderson, previously the NE Director of  Officiating, is currently the INF Regional Officiating Coordinator (ROC) for the Europe region

The following new officiating roles will take effect from September 2019:

 NE deployment manager – Heather Gleadall
 NE B/A written manager – Gary Burgess
 NE awards pathway manager – Elaine Douris
NE Officiating portfolio managers:
 Yvonne Adshead
 Gary Holden
 Jane Kelloe
 Bernadette Palmer
 Anne-Marie Riddle
 Bernie Young