Our Members

Netball Europe currently comprises the following full members:

  • England
  • Gibraltar
  • Isle of Man
  • Israel
  • Malta
  • Northern Ireland
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Switzerland
  • UAE
  • Wales
  • with Sweden as associate members of the organisation.
  • France and the Netherlands are working hard towards becoming members.
  • Netball is also played in a number of other countries across Europe such as Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain and Turkey, and we recently received enquiries from Hungary, Portugal and Romania.

    About Our Members

    Isle of Man

    Isle of Man netball started in the early 80’s when a group of mums from one of the local villages started a club. Looking for some opposition, they spread the word and soon there were a number of teams playing on courts across the island.

    The arrival on the island of Maggie Jackson saw us develop even further and a formal constitution was drawn up. We became affiliated to England Netball in the early 90’s enabling us to play off the island at Inter County tournaments as well as other off island events. Since then we have continued to grow with the introduction of junior leagues following the success of Manx Youth Games, an annual event run by Isle of Man Sport for children from the age of 8 – 14 to encourage involvement in sport.

    At present we have 607 affiliated members forming 15 clubs. Within these clubs there are 35 senior teams, 6 x Under 16 teams, 16 x Under 14 teams and 6 clubs have an Under 11 section.

    Daughters and even granddaughters from the original team are still heavily involved.

    We are delighted to be part of Netball Europe and look forward to playing other countries in the near future.


    Although Netball is still virtually unknown in Israel and is played mainly by ex-pats and their daughters, the number of young Israeli players is steadily growing. Since 1999 when a few players got together to play netball on a basketball court in Ra’anana and despite lack of official recognition and lack of resources, Israel Netball has chalked up an impressive list of successes in its short history. These include:

    • Hosting of the hugely successful netball tournaments of the Maccabiah for both junior and senior teams since 2001.
    • Participation in Netball Europe events since 2006 and in the World Youth Championships held in Glasgow in 2013.
    • Certification of umpires and coaches.

    The dedicated efforts of all Israel Netball’s members resulted in the creation of seven clubs around the country and a senior league that is celebrating their eleventh season. In 2019 a junior league with nine teams was established.

    Israel Netball is constantly taking steps to raise awareness of the game and, with many ambitious plans waiting to be fulfilled, is looking forward to an increasingly exciting future.